Terria pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials with the sole objective: “Sublimate material”. For each project to have a Soul, an original or functional singular design, Laurent leaves his imagination free. Thus, the successful combination of raw materials with their imperfections such as the grain of the wood, traces of lamination of the sheet, … inspire and guide Laurent towards the final design that the object will take. This creative approach makes it possible to be original and to make each piece unique.

  • Steel

    Very popular in the building sector (metal frame, joinery, …), steel opens infinite perspectives of creation in the world of design. Often associated with wood, for its ecological and durable properties, steel is the favorite material of designers. Once worked, this metal can take all forms and thus respond to the most daring creative ideas.

  • Wood

    Natural material and renewable once considered too rustic, wood has become in recent years the raw material tends to work for any creator, designer and architect. The wood invites us in our interior and invests all the rooms of the house with realizations that bring a touch of originality and lightness. Sapwood, imperfections such as veining, knots, hollows … are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Terria’s creations. Each wood essence that nature gives me allows me to propose resolutely unique objects telling their own story.

  • Stone

    A real jewel for designers, architects and decorators, stone is the pure and timeless natural element par excellence, which, when combined with other materials, is transformed into a unique piece. Forget the cold side of this mineral. Associated with other materials, the stone reveals all its strength and opens infinite creative perspectives to decorate or decorate your interior space. When the wood brings warmth and softness, the iron for its part energizes the stone to give a resolutely industrial style to the object thus created.

  • Slate

    Noble, resistant and timeless, the slate is an environmentally friendly and delicate material little exploited in the world of design that Terria intends to reintroduce into your interior. This organic material with different shades of gray offers many possibilities of creation, whether it is at the level of tableware to enhance cheeses, verrines and other delicacies or in the decoration of your interior associated with wood or wrought iron To create furniture with a unique design.