Terria Creations


TerriA, a word that evokes the Earth with its natural resources and represents the solid element that can be touched. Born out of Laurent’s passion for tame raw materials, the Terria workshop designs and manufactures everyday objects and furniture with an original design made from materials as diverse as wood, iron, steel , Slate or stone.


Located in the department of Indre-et-Loire, a stone’s throw from Tours, the Terria workshop conceives all its furniture, objects and fittings in an artisanal way in an eco-responsible approach. Unique pieces or limited series, with sometimes unusual lines, signed, numbered and dated. The mastery of ancestral know-how enables Laurent to propose a natural concept of manufacture by limiting mechanical production. The majority of the work is done by the strength of the arms: sawing, sanding, welding, folding, … to give a part of humanity to the objects and thus create creative pieces that are at once sober, authentic and natural.


Beyond the technique, the final design of the parts is intimately linked to the raw materials used. It is they who dictate the orientation and the general line that the object will take. Each piece tells a different story, so each piece is unique and reflects a free artistic approach. [ LIRE LA SUITE … ]